Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lightweight Megalite Suitcase - Fight High Baggage Fees

Everyone hates dealing with airline baggage fees. Here is a suitcase that will help keep you from getting ripped off while flying.

The It Megalite suitcase is one of the world's lightest full size TSA-Approved carry on suitcases.

It Megalite suitcase Features:

- Premium quality construction
- Extremely durable and well balanced
- TSA Approved full size carry-on
- Built in expander system adds 25% extra packing capacity
- 10 year warranty

- Push button trolley system easily tucks away
- Lowest recorded price

The 26 in upright spinner will help                               While the 22 inch will make it easier to
you avoid going over the 40 pound                                get your bag into the overhead bin
limit set by most airlines       


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